Nanook Recreation Membership options and prices are increasing on 1/1/19. The increase is to assist with continuing to provide a wide range of programs and facilities to meet our members' needs.

Take advantage of your membership:
◘ Courts, indoor track & climbing wall, weight & cardio equipment during SRC open hours
◘ Free ice skating -  skating hours
◘ Free swimming - swim hours
◘ Free SkiLand season pass for students (see details below)
◘ Free group fitness classes and on-demand fitness
◘ Discounts on skis and more equipment rentals
◘ Play Intramurals! Basketball, volleyball, hockey, etc.
◘ Take the Climbing Wall Safety Orientation Class and climb during SRC open hours

See this chart for the new prices. 

Student Recreation Center - Fee Structure


Patrons MUST provide the following to access to the Student Recreation Complex:

  • An active Polar Express Card, Nanook Recreation Membership card or daily pass
  • Photo identification
  • A clean pair of shoes


Cost: $135 per semester; $75 for CTC-only students.

Who pays: All Fairbanks-area students (Fairbanks or UAF Community and Technical College sites) enrolled in 6 or more credits (eLearning classes do not count towards this total). Fairbanks-area students enrolled in 3-5 credits have the option of paying the recreation fee. Fairbanks-area students enrolled in 1-2 credits do not have the option of purchasing a membership at the recreation fee cost; but there are other membership options.

What's covered: The recreation fee is a membership to the Student Recreation Center (SRC), Patty Ice, Patty Pool, Outdoor Adventures and Skiland (see the SRC for Skiland season pass receipt; only available for students enrolled in 6 or more credits on campus). The SRC is a comprehensive fitness facility with equipment, courts, track, group fitness, intramurals and a climbing wall. The Patty Ice arena provides recreational ice skating sessions. The Patty Pool provides lap swim sessions. Outdoor Adventures has discounted equipment rentals, trips and an outdoor rock/ice wall. Some extra programs have additional fees associated, consult DRAW staff for details. Anyone under the age of 18 using these facilities must be accompanied by a legal guardian whose minimum age is 21 unless they are a full-time UAF student.

All membership prices below are effective through 12/31/18

Student Spouse/Dependents**
 - Students with an active SRC membership may add dependent family members for $40 per person/$100 per family per semester. Dependents cannot qualify for student/staff/faculty membership on their own. If they do, they must purchase their own membership.
 - Any family member over the age of 5 is required to have their own Polar Express Card or Nanook Recreation membership card to access the facility.

- See our Minor Oversight video

Faculty & Staff

Annual*        $575/family or $403/individual
Semester    $230/family or $155/individual
Monthly        $86/family or $58/individual       
Weekly         $29/family or $17/individual    

UAF L.I.F.E. (Let's Include Fitness Everyday) for Faculty/Staff

L.I.F.E. members may only be in the building Mon - Fri from
5:30 - 8 am, 11:45 am - 1:15 pm and 4:45 - 6:15 pm
Annual*        $253/individual and $191/additional member
Semester     $93/individual and $64/additional member   

Alumni - must show proof of current Alumni Association membership

Annual*        $665/family or $462/individual
Semester     $265/family or $184/individual           
Monthly         $99/family or $69/individual   
Weekly          $42/family or $29/individual


Annual*      $1,565/family or $1,090/individual
Monthly       $173/family or $132/individual     
Weekly        $61/family or $42/individual          

Senior Citizens (age 65+)
             Monthly        $52/individual      

Student Recreation Center Day Pass
            $7     Student, Staff and Faculty
            $10   Alumni and Public

Session Fee (individuals without SRC activity card)
            $5  Swimming, Sauna, Racquetball, Shower at the Patty or Shower at the SRC

**= Children under the age of 5 are admitted at no charge unless they will be using the pool.
 * = Annual passes extend one year subsequent to the date purchased or renewal date.

Semester Membership Dates:

Fall 2018        August 23 - December 31, 2018
Spring 2019    January 1 - May 15, 2019
Summer 2019  May 16 - August 26, 2019
Fall 2019        August 27 - December 31, 2019

The University reserves the right to require verification of significant other and dependent status.

Call 474-6888 for additional hours, costs or arena information. for the daily ice schedule.



Locker Rentals

a.    Lockers may be rented from the Student Recreation Center on a first come basis, see Rental Fee Schedule for prices and dates.   Locks are not provided, but may be purchased at the SRC.
b.    The applicant must have an active SRC privilege on their Polar Express I.D. and be at least 18 years of age.
c.    Users may transfer items from a rented locker to a non-assigned half locker during daily use and return them to the rented locker prior to leaving that day.
d.    Users must vacate the locker on or before the expiration date.  After that date locks will be cut off and the contents of the locker will be placed in storage, the owner may, within a thirty-day period, claim their property upon the payment of a $5 lock cut off fee, and property not claimed after thirty calendar days will be disposed of in accordance with University policy.  

Daily Use

a.    A sufficient number of tall lockers to handle the daily user needs in each locker room will remain in the non-assigned category.
b.    Users may lock their clothes in non-assigned half lockers while participating in activities in the complex.   Note: Only non-assigned half lockers may be used free of charge on a daily basis, cubicle lockers must be rented.   If an unrented locker is found with a lock on it the lock will be cut and the contents will be dealt with according to Department policy (described in d, 1-3 above).
c.   These lockers must be emptied each evening at closing time and the locks removed. Those not emptied will be dealt with according to Department policy (described in d above).

General Provisions

a.    Lockers are for the use of the person to whom the locker is assigned.   The transfer of a locker will result in the revocation of the locker assignment.
b.    Gym clothing should be kept clean.   Clothing that is causing offensive odors will be removed and disposed of.
c.    All items of clothing, towels, etc. must be entirely within the locker.   Health Department rules prohibit items hanging on the outside of lockers.
d.    All sales are final, unless otherwise approved by a supervisor.   Dates may change due to pool and locker room maintenance.

Rental Fee Schedule                                                            

                          Dates of Rental                                   Cubicle               Half

Annual               Three semester (Fall,Spring, Summer)   $69.00             $150.00
School Year        August 23 - May 15, 2019                    $46.00             $100.00
Fall                   August 23 - December 31, 2018            $23.00             $50.00
Spring               January 1 - May 15, 2019                     $23.00             $50.00

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