Department of Equity and Compliance

The University of Alaska would like to reaffirm to faculty, students, and staff that appropriate steps should be taken, if confronted with inappropriate behavior. Preventing sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual violence or any other type of sexual misconduct is a responsibility we all share.


The Department of Equity and Compliance leads a focused effort to build inclusive systems at UAF by ensuring compliance with civil rights; providing advice and direction to administration, faculty, staff, supervisors and students; and by institutionalizing processes to eradicate discrimination and build equity.

How can we help?

Information about staff and location.

Notice of nondiscrimination, anti-harassment statement, Title IX, harassment/hostile environment, disability services, religious accommodation, LGBTQ info, pregnant and parenting.

Information about confidential advocates or disclosures, reporting violations, rape and sexual assault, consent, stalking, harassment/hostile environment, responses to reports, FAQs, and progress reports.

Report accessibility issues, discrimination, or Title IX violations; UA confidential hotline.

Glossary; civil rights and LGBTQ resources; help for students, staff and faculty; tool kits and downloads.

Training offerings and calendar.

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