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How to make a payment.

Third-party billing
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An outside organization/company is paying for all or a portion of your tuition and/or fees.


Forms for students.

Identity theft prevention
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How UAF assists in the prevention of identity theft.

Refund processing
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Get a refund on your tuition and/or fees.

Tax info

1098-T tax form FAQ.

Tuition waivers
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Employee and senior citizen tuition waivers.

UAOnline FAQs

Information about using UAOnline to manage your student account.


The first-year checklist (PDF) is a great guide, from your first year until your last!

Be sure to pay your tuition and fees

Your registration isn't complete until you've paid all your tuition, fees, and dining and housing charges in full or have made payment arrangements by the final fee payment deadline of the current semester class schedule. If you aren't in good financial standing, you could be dropped from your classes, be unable to register for the next semester, lose your meal plan and housing, and not have access to your transcript, grades and other services.

There's a $100 reinstatement fee to re-enroll in dropped courses.

Common costs include:

  • room rent
  • meal plan fees
  • student activity fees
  • health center fees
  • deposits

Unpaid charges from the end of the previous semester must be paid before you can re-enroll. If you owe money to the university and submit an enrollment form and payment for the current semester, the payment will be applied toward your outstanding balance. If the current semester payment is by check from a source other than the student, the payment will be returned to the source.

Please refer to the Registration Guide for semester deadlines.

See the academic calendar for full list of dates and deadlines.

Visit the academic calendar at for full list of dates and deadlines.

Fall 2017 due dates

Calendar item Deadline
Fall semester tuition and fees Due Sep. 11th, 2017
Fall semester late fees Begin Sep. 12th, 2017
Late add/late registration Due within 5 business days of adding the class
Waitlisted courses added after fee payment deadline Due within 5 business days of getting into class
Late-start classes added after fee payment deadline Due by the first day of class
One day/shortened Due by the first day of class
Early start Due by the first day of class


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